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Triple offset valves (TOVs), which are also known as triple eccentric valves, have continued to evolve, while uses for this type of valve have expanded across multiple industries. Originally designed for water shut-off applications,
design enhancements through the years placed this versatile valve among other industry staples for performance
in the harshest conditions of critical process environments. At the same time, these valves have always had certain parameters within which they can operate effectively.
Our triple offset butterfly valves meet industry requirements and provide low cost of ownership to the end user
through improved life cycle costs, emissions control, less downtime and low maintenance costs. They are well
known in the industry as a high quality metal seated valve that not only meets or exceeds engineering standards,
but is also supported globally by the end users.
  • Fire safe design to API 607 
  • End connection: Wafer, Lugged, Flanged
  • Class: ANSI 150 ~ 300# (Size: 3” ~ 48”)
  • Class: ANSI 600# ~ 1500# (Size: 3” ~ 24”)
  • Body material: WCB, Stainless Steel, High Alloys, Ni Al Bronze, etc.
  • Seat: Stainless Steel + Graphite