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Plug valves are valves with cylindrical or conically tapered "plugs" which can be rotated inside the valve body to
control flow through the valve. The plugs in plug valves have one or more hollow passageways going sideways
through the plug, so that fluid can flow through the plug when the valve is open. Plug valves are simple and
often economical.
Designed to meet Oil & Gas transmission, loading, unloading needs. Line sealing is achieved by body and
wedges cut from each side of the plug with or without the assistance of soft seat rings. The sealing is positively
made on each side of the plug (double block), and the media kept in the plug port area can be bled into
upstream or to the container to prevent from explosion. The Valve can be used for assuring metering accuracy
and SCADA systems.
  • Sleeved plug & Lubricated plug valve, partial/full jacket
  • Fire safe design to API 607 
  • Class: ANSI 150 ~ 600# (Size: 1/2” ~ 24”)
  • Body material: Carbon Steel,, Stainless Steel, Alloy & High Alloy Steel, etc.
  • Sleeve: PTFE, RTFE, TFM 4215
  • End connection: Flanged