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User consent for privacy

Personal information items you collect

VALKOR INC collects the following personal information for registration, counseling, service application, etc.

1. Required field: name, phone, email, address

2. Automatically collected items: service history, visit log, cookies, visit IP information 

Purpose of collection and use of personal information

VALKOR INC uses the collected personal information for the following purposes. 

1. Identification of the identity of the service, confirmation of the real name, confirmation of the registration

2. Ensure accurate delivery information when delivering notices, securing communication channels, and delivering winning items 

3. Latest information including new services Materials for personalized service delivery 

4. Prevention of fraudulent membership use and prevention of unauthorized use 

5. Providing other high quality services 

Retention and use period of personal information

As a general rule, we collect personal information or destroy it without delay when we achieve the purpose we received.

As a member, VALKOR INC will keep your personal information during 'VALKOR INC' during the period of use of the service, but in principle, we will destroy it without delay when you collect or receive your personal information. 


If you cause any disruption to the service, such as harming the Terms of Use and the good morals, the bad user will be forced to leave regardless of the user's intention.

You do not agree to collect essential personal information

You have the right to refuse to collect your personal information, in which case you may not be able to register for membership or post when using the Corner, which requires answers to our exclusive services or customer inquiries.

In the case of non-essential information, you may not agree to the collection of personal information and there is no restriction on the use of the service.